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The History of Tattoos

The exquisite body art of tattooing has been around since the earliest days of man. There is evidence suggesting that body marking goes as far back as 12,000 BC to the Neolithic Age. Some of the best evidence of early tattoo art has been found with the discovery of “Otzi the Iceman.” This well preserved mummy was found in the ice of the Otztal Alps on the Austrian/Italian border and dates back to 3300 BC. His skin was very well preserved in the thick ice all of these years. He was sporting 57 separate marks made up of lines and dots in various patterns. Scientists continue to speculate on the meaning and significance of these markings.

Tattooing is very simply the placement of pigments or dyes in the dermal layer of the skin. As the body’s immune system tries to deal with this foreign substance, the pigments become trapped in the fibroblasts in the dermal layer just at the border with the epidermis. Over time, these pigments sink into the deeper layers of the dermis causing the ink to fade. This would require the tattoo designs to be updated from time to time. Some cultures would get these dyes into the dermis via cuts in the skin. Some cultures used various pointed objects to inject the pigments into the dermal layer. Modern tattooing techniques use machines to inject the dyes at a very fast rate.

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Tattoo Meanings

Tattoo Meanings - the meaning of tattoos Tattoo Meanings - Overview

Meaning of Japanese Tattoos The Meanings of Japanese Tattoos

In order to understand the meaning of Japanese tattoos it is essential to understand the history and background of the Japanese culture itself. The traditional Japanese tattoo ... more

Meaning of Old School Tattoos The Meanings of Old School Tattoos

Tattoos date back for thousands of years and were found on mummies and well preserved bodies from the stone age. Although the term “old school” does not refer to these ancient tattoos from thousands of years ago, “traditional” or “old school” tattoo designs became popular in the 1920's ... more

Meaning of Tribal Tattoos The Meanings of Tribal Tattoos

Tattooing goes back thousands of years and tribal tattoos are certainly one of the oldest tattoo designs we know. The meanings of tribal tattoos vary depending on style, geographic location, and the time in history. Many tribes and cultures have practiced the art of tattooing throughout the centuries all over the world ... more

Meaning of Cross Tattoos The Meanings of Cross Tattoos

Crosses are one of the oldest symbols known to mankind and date back to the very beginning of our culture. The cross symbol is and was used by many religions, such as Christianity, and by many cultures throughout history. The meaning of the cross varies as well as the meaning of the cross tattoo itself ... more

Meaning of Flower Tattoos The Meanings of Flower Tattoos

Flower or floral tattoos are definitely one of the most common tattoo designs among tattoo enthusiast in the eastern as well as the western world. Flowers, plants, and trees may play a meaningful role as a stand-alone tattoo design, or be part of a larger tattoo combining several motifs ... more

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